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  • McAfee.com/Activate helps the users to feel protected from these threats, scans all the damaged files, blocks the malware sites so that the users can visit those websites. If you want to get McAfee antivirus on the system, then follow step by step guide by and download McAfee setup at mcafee.com/activate. This product is light, robust, and packed with a number of features. If you have problems with mcafee download,Install and activate then visit my website or dial our Toll-free number +1 888-551-9333 for instant solution. visit @ https://mcafeeassistancenumber.com [more]
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  • Helpbot, Our Experienced professionals have the latest technology and innovative ideas to design, develop, and maintain business websites. We manage WordPress entire life-cycle, and we can develop a complete site infrastructure to help your WordPress site deliver value and create a wonderful user experience. #wordpressservices #wordpressmaintance #wordpressdevelopment https://www.helpbot.net/wordpress-services/ [more]
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  • How to Make a To-Do List on Your iPhone Keeping track of things that you have to do, helps in keeping you organized and helps in saving time. In the previous time, people used to carry black notebooks with a pen in their hand. Now, you can do a similar thing with your iPhone using the choice of programs. WITH THE HELP OF SIRI Ask Siri Tap and hold your iPhone’s home button till you listen to two beeps pointing that you can ask a question to Siri. Tell Siri that what she needs to remind you about Speak into your microphone as you will do with some person with clear articulation. Speak Memorize me to purchase juice at 6 pm. Siri will respond by saying OK. Now you can make another reminder. This is it You may add as much reminder as you can and the way you like. You can easily edit and find the list of reminders by simply opening Reminders app that is installed on each and every iPhone. WITH THE HELP OF REMINDERS APP Launch the Reminders App. Click the New List button. Label the list To Do. Add the to-do items to each of the lines of the list. Click the circle next to each of the item to check off the list. WITH THE HELP OF THE NOTES APP Look for the Notes app installed by default on iPhone. Open it. Click the new button to open a new note. Enter your task list here. Press return after each line. WITH THE HELP OF YOUR HANDWRITING APP Launch the App You may scribble a to do list in your own writing. You need to download the Use Your Handwriting App. Make a note Launch the app and tap the + button. You will see a writing screen. Write down the note Write in large letters by filling up the height of the screen. When you are about to finish a line, the screen will scroll to give you some more room. You can write notes of any length this way. Tap Done Tap the Done button when you are finished. Your notes will shrink in size and will appear in a list. You can tap the + button to add to list. WITH THE HELP OF TODOIST Launch the App. You can download the app for free. Make a note by pressing the + button to add a new note. You can manage your notes by going to the Todoist website to view notes online. Source url :- https://mcafee-com-activate-code.com/how-to-make-a-to-do-list-on-your-iphone/ Ava Williams is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest news and updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how that can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular blogs, e-magazines, and websites. [more]
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  • How to Modify Read Only Files or Folders If you wish to remove and change or modify the read-only permissions on a file or folder in Windows, then you have to do a two-stage process. It might look a bit complicated to you, but if you follow the guide correctly, then you will be able to change the read-only permissions. The two-stage process includes the ownership of files or folders and then proceed to change the permissions of these read-only files or folder. HERE IS HOW TO MODIFY READ-ONLY FILES OR FOLDERS TRY TAKING THE OWNERSHIP OF FILES AND FOLDERS Turn on your computer and access it with an admin account. Press Windows Key + E combination to open the File Explorer program. Find and click the folder you want to modify or change. Go to the top of the File Explorer window. Select the Share button and go to the Advanced Security tab. Make sure that your name is not appearing in the Owner section. If you can see the name, then skip to Change Permissions section. If you cannot see the name, then click Change. Select User or Group box will appear. Click Advanced in the box. Click Find Now button from the right side of the box. Select your name and click Ok. Again click the Ok button. Now, check if the name is currently appearing in the Owner section. When taking the ownership, check to Replace owner on subcontainers and objects option. Click the Apply button and proceed to click the Ok button. Now you have successfully taken the ownership of the file or the folder. CHANGE THE PERMISSIONS Open the File Explorer and select the file or folder you want to change. Go to the top of the File Explorer and find Share tab. Now, click the Share tab. Click the Advanced Security option. Go to Permission Entries section and click the Add button. Move to the bottom left corner of the dialog box and click the Advanced button. Navigate and click Find Now button. Find and click the username from search results. Click the Ok button twice. Navigate to Basic Permission section and find Full Control. Now select the Full Control check box and click Ok. Go to the Principal column and ensure the username is appearing right next to Allow. Click Ok and finish the modification or changing the permission of files or folders. Changing or modifying the files or folder in Windows is very complicated, but this procedure is a bit time-consuming. Still, you can now modify the read-only files or folders anytime you want to as you know the methods and steps. Source url: https://mcafee-com-activate-code.com/how-to-modify-read-only-files-or-folders/ Ava Williams is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest news and updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how that can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular blogs, e-magazines, and websites. [more]
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  • Essential Tips to Stay Safe Online You may have spent an entire day browsing on the Internet without knowing that your information can be compromised. There are numerous ways to compromise your data. Malware and viruses spread quickly through simple actions like tapping on links found on web pages. The Internet can be the most dangerous place for the careless. If you have landed on a wrong website, then there are plenty of chances that you may infect your system with malicious software that will harm your system. If you are asked to fill in your username or the passwords, then your internet life can be turned to a burned toast. You might be thinking that browsing is a game of changing tactics. As you think you are safe, the landscape changes and takes a different turn. Predators are continually developing new ways to harm your system. SAY YES TO ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE Malware and antivirus detection within the phones and laptops are universal but what can be done about the files that you have just downloaded. Installing malware detection can help in detecting malicious files and the web pages. This is something that you must consider without giving it a second thought. So many trial versions are available for malware detecting software, and some of them come with money back guarantee too. CREATE COMPLEX PASSWORDS You get to hear about it every time because it is probably the most common thing. By maintaining unique and robust passwords, you can really keep your financial and personal information up to yourself. In contemporary times when there are widespread hackers scattered everywhere where single data breach can lead to revealing of thousands of user password. When you reuse your password, a hacker can take leaked data and use it for logging in to other accounts. Take the help of a password manager. It will help you create strong passwords for all of your accounts. You can also take the assistance of multi-factor authentication. UTILIZE A FIREWALL Firewall is a programme that saves your system from predators who gain unauthorized access to your system. The setting firewall will itself reduce the chances of your device being hacked by unknown threats. UPDATE YOUR SECURITY SOFTWARE Installing security software one time is not enough. You should install each update as it is made available. Cybercriminal are always searching for new ways to get your information. They are continually launching new threats. Although the security software developers are searching for ways to combat this trend. CLICK SMARTLY Now that you have saved your system from severe threats by using a firewall, antivirus, and robust passwords. Do not invite dangers with careless clicking now. Most of the online threats today are based on social engineering. You can be tricked here into revealing sensitive information. Just do not tap on fraudulent emails, free offers, online quizzes, and any such other offer. Always be aware of the suggestions that look good but ask about your sensitive information. ALWAYS DELETE YOUR HISTORY We have such files that stay on the temporary folder without our knowledge. Security experts recommend you to delete your browsing history every time you are done with your stuff. Doing this will ensure that all the dangerous and unnecessary files are removed. Your system will now run faster. If by chance you have downloaded any malicious file, then it will go directly to the trash box. Source url: https://mcafee-com-activate-code.com/essential-tips-to-stay-safe-online/ Ava Williams is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest news and updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how that can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular blogs, e-magazines, and websites. [more]
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  • Michael Spieles thinks that every student should have basic knowledge of woodworking. He was very much disappointed when he found that local schools have stopped woodwork classes and even woodworking course. For more info visit http://memorialwebsites.legacy.com/michaelspieles/Homepage.aspx [more]
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  • If you are looking for a reliable tipster then you will have to explore many websites; consider many factors and do in-depth research before making an opinion on a tipster website. You will get some thoughts after visiting tipper sites and these thoughts could mold your opinion on tipper sites. “This site is number one on search ranking, it will certainly be a very popular website. It can provide real tips” Search rank is certainly a reflection of popularity. You can rely on a high ranking website but high rank is never a guarantee of success. It shows that the site is doing well on search engines and it could be due to digital marketing. You should look beyond search engine rank of websites. http://www.soccertipsters.net/prediction/
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