Office Spaces in Mumbai: Bare Shell, Warm Shell & Furnished

If looking thru the properties in Mumbai listed on our online property site,, you will see that there are some office spaces for rent and commercial spaces for that matter that look ready to move in and others that look like they are basically still under-construction. Needless to say, that finding an office space for rent in Mumbai is not completely the same process as finding a residential property in Mumbai with bare shell properties being the most obvious difference. So, let’s start with bare shell….

Bare shell Properties in Mumbai

The name says it all, when searching for properties in Mumbai and you come across an office space for rent that is only concrete and nothing else, you are looking at a bare shell property. It’s not the sexiest thing to look at to say the least, but the reason why owners keep their properties in Mumbai in such a state is because they don’t want to waste money fitting out the property before landing a tenant. Many firms have their own concepts and designs that they want to choose and therefore, fitting out the office space in Mumbai before being in touch with the firm that will rent that office space could result in a hefty loss for the owner. The properties in Mumbai that are bare shell are generally office spaces in brand new commercial buildings; however, there are times when the tenant has left and has taken out everything from the respective property in Mumbai leaving it in a bare shell state.

Warm shell Properties in Mumbai

So, you got that bare shell is as basic as can be, so what does a warm shell office space in Mumbai look like? A warm shell property in Mumbai is quite basic as well, the differences versus a bare shell property are that a warm shell commercial space will have flooring, walls and the ceiling done. In short, it’s quite basic like bare shell – it’s just that you won’t in a warm shell property in Mumbai you won’t be seeing the concrete slabs that make up the walls, floors and ceilings. Needless to say, an office space for rent in a warm shell property in Mumbai will not be furnished in any way, shape or form.

Furnished/Semi-Furnished Properties in Mumbai

Many want to avoid the headaches of getting an office space in Mumbai set up. Instead, those firms and individuals may just want to come to their new office on rent in Mumbai, sit down and get to work. And on a side note, that’s why coworking spaces in Mumbai have gained such popularity over the recent years; with that said, we have noticed that firms larger than say eight to ten people generally opt for a furnished office space for rent over coworking spaces in Mumbai. So, what is a furnished office space? It’s a warm shell office space that will have air conditioning, desks, chairs and generally conference rooms and cabins – aside from internet, these office spaces are pretty much ready to move in. Whereas semi furnished means that some of the just mentioned features are not in place where the next tenant of the office on rent in Mumbai will have to take care in that capacity.

We would have you note that during negotiations with the owner of the commercial property in Mumbai of your choosing, that one can try to get your office space for rent fully furnished and designed per your requirements as part of the deal with the landlord. This will of course cost a bit more than having a bare shell office space or a warm shell office space for rent, however it’s worth considering as your firm may grow or downsize and the furniture and features you buy will lose their value substantially on the open market once taken out of the office space for rent.

We hope this brief breakdown of bare shell, warm shell & furnished was informative. Our property sites’ Mumbai commercial real estate team is here to assist you in finding that bare shell, warm shell, fully furnished or even coworking space in Mumbai of your dreams! We look forward to having your firm moving forward with

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