9 Reasons

Only Commercial

We are commercial experts – our focus is only office & retail properties.

Only Mumbai

We are Mumbai specialists – our focus is only Greater Mumbai.

Verified Properties

The Jagaha team personally visits each property to take pictures & video and most importantly to attain the correct information from the owner.

One Point of Contact

Like a property? Like less hassle? Your property inquires only go to the Jagaha property team and not a long list of brokers, owners & developers etc.

System & Interface

We built a “best in class” website with a user interface to match. We can’t wait to show Jagaha.com to you!


Clients rarely ask for the built up area, so we created what the clients actually want: Jagaha.com is the only real estate website in India where one can search and view properties via carpet (usable) area.


Jagaha.com pin points the property’s location using Google Maps.

Quality Alerts

Set alerts for your property search: if there is a new (& as always verified) property that matches your requirement you will be the first to know via email.

Services: Start to Finish

We have a full commercial real estate team that offers all the needed services to “close the deal” from property consultation and property inspection to legal paperwork and registration.

Move forward with Jagaha.com. Happy to help with any Mumbai Commercial real estate inquires – contact us at info@jagaha.com or call us on 9029000670.


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