Smart Tv is being purchased more and more as time goes by and as a result of people embracing technology. What is #SmartTv? A Smart Tv is more of a smartphone because it comes equipped with internet accessibility and integrated Apps like Facebook, Twitter, you-tube, and other features, which may include face recognition and accessibility to Wi-Fi. It allows one to browse the internet, view photos, and play games. Another bonus for having a Smart Tv is that it automatically downloads and updates its firmware (a fixed software that controls its major operations). Smart Tv comes in different brands such as LG, TCL, Samsung, Hisense and many more. They also come in different inches and the most common one is a 32 inch Smart Tv. A 32 inch Smart Tv can be said to be average, neither small nor large. This place it best suited for many places including offices, restaurants as well as homes. The most dominating Smart Tv include;

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