Should you go to college to be successful in hotel industry?
January 27, 2020|Hotel Marketing

While a college degree is not a predictor of success in the hotel industry, it most certainly boosts a prospective employee’s chances of being considered for the job.

A college degree initially tells an employer that the applicant has the consistency to accomplish something great. The determining factor for success in anything that we do in the hotel industry or any other profession is consistency. It means putting in the hard work day in and day out without fail for over long periods.

College graduates have had the unique opportunity to develop consistency through four years of college. They have had to commit themselves to consistent effort to pass a battery of tests in all of their classes, whether they enjoy studying for them or not.

The same thing goes with anything else we do in life. Even if we might be passionate about our chosen careers, we will not always be excited about every aspect of our work. Only those among us who consistently focus on achieving their goals will succeed in the end.

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