How could your hotel increase market share with Hotwire-Priceline
February 10, 2020|Hotel Marketing

Let’s say that our average daily rate (ADR) is at $200 a night. If we have a low occupancy at a specific future date, we can move our hotel rooms by offering them at a discount rate of say $99 a night. We do not want to publish that low of a price, however, because that would lower our ADR too much, or that might affect our existing negotiated rates or group rates.

In that case, Hotwire and Priceline are a great way to sell at lower prices while remaining opaque, that is, without disclosing the exact location or the name of our property. The deals will list price, hotel star rating, and the general area of our hotel. If the consumer clicks the “which hotel will I get?” tab, they can see a list of hotel options in the area with a guarantee that yours is one of them. The details of your hotel remain hidden until the consumer enters their credit card and makes the payment, and a non-refundable reservation goes through.

As you can see, we do not have to sacrifice our ADR, our current group agreements, negotiated rate agreements, or any other agreements that we might have if we discount our rooms to increase market share.

If we might be of service, you are invited to reach out to us.

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