Power of asking a question at your hotel.
March 1, 2020|Hotel Marketing

Asking a question, this is very simple, yet it is very powerful. Questions are powerful means to discover creative potential, potential that would otherwise remain untapped and hidden. When you walk in a hotel you see a lot of people going around, but most of the time we have no idea why they are in town.

When you ask a question, you must know what you want for an answer. Once you know what kind of information you need, you have to ask your questions in a way that gets the best possible information in response. So, we can just initially start covering this topic by a regular front office check in process. A simple question as, "What brings you in town?", can open all sorts of different doors for us. But of course, we must have the follow up procedure and system in place for us to get this rolling. So, what brings you into town? Are you in the area for a project or a meeting? Are there thousands of other people in town for this specific project? Are they coming back into town next year for this same project or meeting? Or are they coming back in the next 6 months? Or have they been in the area for 6 months? So, there are a lot of questions that we can ask the guest without making them uncomfortable. Instead of just asking them about the "weather", "how nice was the game was last Sunday". All these things are great to talk about, but it does not pay the payroll for your employees. Remember that if you want good answers, they come from asking good questions. So, we need to make sure that every employee in the hotel should be a lead generation machine. The more leads we have, the more sales and revenue we will have in return. Chitchat conversation is great, but we need to make sure every conversation we have with the guests end up with some sort of a question at finding out facts. Finding new customers is crucial to the growth and success of your business. But we should not forget that there is huge potential for revenue in our existing customers.

We asked the question, we got the answer, after that what do we do?

We must have the correct procedure to follow up with that lead. We must have a Customer Management system where we're going to enter the data we collected from that lead and plan the correct follow up. Because we don't want that we have this one lead today and 3 months later we call that exact lead and ask them the same question or ask the same data from them which we should already have. We must have that system in place to ensure that we know who we follow up with and what was the conversation and all those details. Following up is essential if you want to retain your clients and ensure they have a great experience with your property. There are three ways to make a follow up, First is through a phone call to check and see how the client is doing. Ask if they were satisfied with their last stay and what they think we could have done better and end the call by thanking them for their time and for choosing your property. Second is thru email and Third is a Physical Thank you note.

Ask better questions, get better answers, achieve better results. Let us help you beat the competition. Give us a call at +1 888 999 8086 or visit us at Bezla.com.

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