Did cold calling die in hotel sales and marketing?
April 5, 2020|Hotel Marketing

Is there still a place in the hotel industry for cold calling?

Anyone who says cold calling is dead probably isn’t doing it right.

If you do not have sufficient information about your prospect, the right script, the tonality, or enough courage to pick up the phone, cold calling probably died in your hotel sales department a long time ago.

Cold calling, however, is not dead. There are still a lot of instances when the hotel business could use cold calling. When you do it right, you can convert an inquiry into a hot sale. If you haven’t heard back from a prospective guest who asked about your property, you can call them up. The prospective guest may be interested in your property but may have questions or doubts that you can address.

When you call cold leads, you essentially interrupt a stranger’s day to make an offer that most likely is not on top of their mind. It takes a lot of courage because rejection is imminent. However, if you get out of your comfort zone, find the right accounts, master the script, control your tonality, and ask the right questions, you can bring more revenue to your hotel. While it is challenging, it can be utterly rewarding.

If your sales department does not do cold calls, you are missing out. Cold calling is indeed alive and kicking in businesses that have the right people for it.

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