How to generate more revenue from BidClerk, Crew, Construction Leads
June 16, 2020|Hotel Marketing

If you are an economy brand, you should be looking at construction leads or crew leads to generate more revenue for your hotel. To attract this market segment, you need to offer competitive rates. Construction projects often have a specific budget to work with compared to large management consulting firms like McKenzie and Bain that have deeper pockets and unlimited money to spend on hotels.

There are a lot of ways to source your project leads. You can check with the local government in your county or city to see what kind of construction projects are coming up in your area. You can also check online lead source platforms like BidClerk,, and PlanHub.

BidClerk has a rich database of construction project leads. It has complete contact information of relevant decision-makers, as well as project plans and specifications. It allows you to tailor your searches and save them on the platform. While most hotels have BidClerk, they most likely do not use the information there to the fullest. Follow the following tips for you to generate leads on BidClerk and convert them to actual sales.

Log in to your BidClerk account and enter your zip code. Search for projects within a ten-mile radius from your hotel. Select projects already under construction, or already been awarded to a company, or already have bid results. Sort the projects by value and date modified.

On the bottom of the page, you will find the company handling the project. Check the company area code to find out if it is based out of town or in your area. The farther the company is, the better. It means they will need a hotel for crew coming from out of town. Find out the project cost. The bigger the project is, the better. It means they will have to stay longer at your hotel.

Once you have identified your leads, get the companies on the line immediately. You cannot just click the “I’m interested” button and wait for the companies to contact you. Project leads get overwhelmed with requests as soon as a project becomes public. There are a lot of other properties in your area that are doing the same thing. Beat them to it.

Be persistent and get in touch with every project lead as soon as you can. Introduce yourself and your hotel. Have a sales call script rehearsed. You need to know the right questions to ask to get the ball rolling. You need to make the right pitch that gives them the confidence to entrust their business in your hands.

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