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November 2, 2020|Hotel Marketing

How do you manage the seasonality of your hotel occupancy? After the peak season will eventually come the off-peak season, which makes it more difficult to attract guests and reach maximum hotel occupancy. You will have to deal with this every single year. So here are great tips to help prepare for your hotel's off-peak season.

1. Rev up your digital marketing campaigns.

Marketing is a great way to attract potential guests. During the off-peak season, think about extending the scope of your digital marketing campaigns. By so doing, you can reach more people and therefore increase your hotel revenue. For example, you can use neutral keywords, initiate targeted display campaigns, or use tools like Google Ad words.

2. Forecast your off-peak months.

A great way to prepare for the low season is to determine precisely when it will arrive. Forecasting enables you to better prepare for your hotel management and reverse the low occupancy rates by knowing when the low season will happen.

3. Diversify your target guests.

Your hotel might usually attract the same type of guests during the peak season. However, during the off-peak season, you cannot afford to be too selective. Target new guests through more dynamic marketing. For example, you can adjust to customer behavior, needs, and trends.

Remember, your hotel is not just for business or leisure during the off-peak season. You can attract a broader range of guests from couples to elderly groups or families traveling with their child, by offering more services and amenities. You can make your property pet-friendly, offer a family package, create co-working spaces, or host corporate events or even weddings.

4. Implement creative pricing strategies.

Instead of simply lowering your room rates to attract higher occupancy during the off-peak season, you can consider partnering with local businesses that have the same target guests like you. For example, if you wish to attract families traveling with children, you can partner with adventure parks or cultural attractions for packages and discounts.

As we always say here at Bezla, be mindful of the competition. Keep an eye on the market prices but do not hurt your reputation by lowering your room rates too much.

5. Update the training of your staff on revenue-generating strategies.

The off-peak season is the best time for you to brush up on your revenue-generating strategies. Your restaurant and bar staff, for example, can be trained on upselling premium products. You can share best practices with your front desk staff in promoting booking upgrades. You can also go through your guest reviews and feedback more rigorously. Ask past guests to leave a review and actively engage with those who have already left some feedback. Take this time to evaluate your hotel operations and learn more about improving your services and amenities.

If we can be of any assistance at all in your hotel revenue management, we invite you to get in touch with us by emailing or calling 888-999-8086.

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