Modern homes are all about light, space, and fingertip living. The flexibility that comes with open plan living is attracting almost every homeowner to convert their living areas to open plan livings. With the restructuring of an existing building comes the necessity to redesign the finishes and the feel as well. Sometimes, having to rethink the style can be confusing.

At M&S Home & Bath, our experts will take you through the process from structural needs and changes right down to arranging the furniture to make sure your transition to open plan living is as simple and smooth as possible. If you need to remodel your living room on a budget, our team can help you with all the processes involved along the way.

Make your outdoor living areas as trendy, sophisticated, modern and useful as your indoor ones.
We’ll help with everything from designing the pergola area to decking and sourcing you stunning outdoor furniture from our suppliers. Your living area is where your family relaxes, and your guests socialize. It is important to hire a trusted company to handle your outdoor living needs. An outdoor living area is one of the best ways to modernize your home. Whatever your vision for your little paradise, we’ll bring it to life.

Our services at M&S Home & Bath cover the Melbourne and rural Victoria areas. We work alongside you to custom tailor a renovation or renovations that we guarantee you’ll love and to turn your dream home or room into a reality.

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