For the travelers who are planning to get a refund from American Airlines and looking for the details on the guidelines to claim a refund, here is a quick overview of the refund policy that would help travelers process their refund amount in time.

Well, it's tough to go through the entire refund policy of American Airlines. So, to help travelers, here are some of the key pointers of the refund policy that can help one process their refund in time.

For the reservations cancelled within 24 hours or two days before the departure, then the traveler is not required to perform any additional refund steps.
The Basic economy reservations are not eligible for a refund.
The non-refundable booking is not eligible for a refund, until it is cancelled within a 24-hours window or when there is a change in the schedule four hours before the departure or the companion or traveler died or due to a military order.
Further, the traveler needs to submit an individual refund request form.

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