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How can upselling improve your hotel’s revenue?

In hotel management, it is important to acknowledge that there is no single formula for increasing revenue that works for everyone. Many different factors affect how you can sell and upsell your property, and this is also why one tactic may work on one hotel but not on another.

Your property’s location, placement, and environment hugely influence how you can market it and what upsells you can offer. For instance, a hotel in the middle of a business district is sold differently from a beach resort hotel. They will also have their own sets of additional products and services or upsells that uniquely work for them.

More often than not, repeat clients and guests who stay for a few days are also those who would be most likely to be interested in offers for extended stay packages. You must carefully identify and study this subgroup and consider putting together a custom-tailored upsell that they would be most interested in.

This highly targeted method is not about offering extended stay packages to individual guests or business travelers who are only staying for a night or two because that would be a waste of time. For such clients, you can come up with a different and much more individualized offer for their next visit, which will encourage them to return.

Aside from recognizing the things that make your property different and creating bespoke upsells to select guests, it is also crucial that you realize when an opportunity presents itself and when there is none.

Usually, hotel staff offer upsells to guests while they are at the check-in counter, asking if they’d like to have their room upgraded. More often than not, this is also their only attempt to offer additional products and services to clients, which don’t translate much.

The key to boosting your hotel revenue is increasing your opportunities to upsell. You should train your staff to keep an eye on such events and always be ready to offer suitable upgrades. It is best to make an offer as soon as guests show the slightest interest in exploring more of your products and services, and make sure that getting an upgrade is as simple and straightforward as possible. This lessens the chances of them changing their minds.

In creating upsell packages, it is best to start with your existing products and services and develop more ways to offer them to clients. An excellent way to introduce upsells to more clients is to make them available on your website, where guests can conveniently purchase as they book their reservation. This way, clients enjoy the added convenience of getting upgraded without queuing at the reception desk.

What about guests who book through third-party booking sites?

Direct bookings through the hotel’s website provide more opportunities to upsell than in third-party booking sites. Therefore, in choosing these partner websites, it is best to consider the commission system and whether it will be truly profitable for your hotel.

Remember, just as every hotel is different, the upsell packages should also be unique and exciting. This ensures that your clients get the most remarkable experience while your hotel consistently increases revenue.

These are only some of the few things to consider when you’re upselling to increase

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