Basic parts of a car

Let us brush up on what you know about the parts of a car. According to Toyota, a typical automobile has about 30,000 car parts in it. Whether you're an everyday car owner or a passionate racing enthusiast, it’s not practical to learn about all those 30,000 parts of a car. Instead, it would be much more useful to look at a car as a sum of different systems consisting of various components working together to fulfil specific functions.

What’s more important, you’ll begin to understand more your mechanic’s language. So, buckle up, and let's begin the main car parts are Engine System, Drivetrain System, Steering, Suspension, and Tyres, Electrical System and etc. As a car owner, you don't have to be an expert or a 'car guy' to appreciate the systems mentioned in this article. Knowing the systems also helps you relate one car part to another and comprehend how a failing radiator can cause an engine to overheat or be damaged.

At the very least, having this knowledge will make it much easier for you to ‘car-speak’ with your mechanic whenever he starts talking about which parts of a car need servicing or repair. Learn more from

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