Maximize your hotel’s profitability by outsourcing your bookkeeping.

In today’s competitive market, it takes more than running a tight ship to stay on top. If you want to truly maximize your hotel’s profitability, it pays off to outsource your bookkeeping. It can be as easy as simply outsourcing the work or partnering with an organization dedicated solely to bookkeeping services for hotels. No matter what type of arrangement you choose, outsourcing ensures that your resources go where they’re needed most and leaves you free to focus on what really drives profitability: guests.

When you use an outside company to perform your bookkeeping, you can enjoy the following benefits:

• Simplified Accounting – Outsourced bookkeepers perform all of the accounting work so that you don’t have pay staff to handle these tasks. This allows your financial resources to go where they count the most – guests.

• Thorough Accounting – The best outsourced bookkeeping solution is one that requires little oversight and offers a full range of services that include compliance, managerial accounting, budgeting, and financial analysis.

• Accurate Bookkeeping – Outsourced bookkeepers are accountable for every penny that goes through your hotel, so you can rest assured that all of your financial information is reliable and accurate.

Bookkeeping is a vital function in any hotel’s financial structure. Unfortunately, the costs involved in properly managing the bookkeeping process in-house can be costly. With a high staff-to-guest ratio and complex processes, a basic one-staffed bookkeeping operation can cost upwards of $1,000 per month.

In addition to these costs, you also have to worry about increasing staff turnover. Bookkeeping is not typically a high-paying position, so many bookkeepers don’t stick around for long. In fact, the average employee turnover rate in the accounting industry was over 75% in 2020*. This means that hiring good bookkeeping staff is both time-consuming and expensive.

When you outsource your bookkeeping, you avoid this entire process by working with an outside company that specializes in these services. Outsourced accountants are certified public accountants (CPAs) and are dedicated to providing consistent services backed by high-quality standards and years of experience.

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