How to Return A Crypto Transaction On Coinbase Pro?

In the Coinbase pro account users can easily transect various types of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc. this is the first transaction in each block, it assigns the block subsidy which is recently 6.25 in each block and it also collects the aggregate fees of all the transaction. In this entire blog, you will see the process, if the user wants to return a cryptocurrency transaction. All the users need to understand how Coinbase pro handles the transaction of cryptocurrency to assure any return reaches the sender’s account. when the users send the cryptocurrency from their wallet, the address comes in a “From” is one of Coinbase’s hot wallet addresses. It is impossible to send funds to the “Original Input Address” because the funds will not be sent to customers, it is sent to the Coinbase wallet. You need to do all these steps that are given below to solve this transaction issue:
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