Why You Should Consider Surgery for Clubfoot?

A clubfoot can be corrected with Clubfoot Surgery in severe cases where there is muscle deformity or weakness. The procedure is performed by a pediatric orthopedic surgeon. In severe clubfoot cases, a surgeon may recommend what is called a posterior approach in which the heel bone is broken and repositioned into a corrected position. This can be done by either a specialist in pediatric deformities or by an orthopedic surgeon who has training in pediatric foot correction.

Clubfoot is most common in babies who are born early and those who are born with certain genetic conditions, such as Down syndrome. Clubfoot Surgery may be needed if your child's clubfoot is severe or if your child is still having trouble walking at age 6 or older. In most cases, however, children will grow out of this condition before they start walking. So, it's important that parents stay calm and offer plenty of support while their child is learning how to walk.

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