How do I cancel and refund at Qatar Airways?

With its well-structured rules that consider the passenger's journey from the time they book the flight, Qatar is a reputable airline that enables you to offer the facilities with a variety of alternatives linked to flight booking, flight change, cancellation, and refund.
Following a few easy steps will let you cancel your flight with Qatar Airways and receive a refund:

• You must first access the official Qatar Airways website. You will then need to enter the website using the same username and password that you registered with.
• After that, you must proceed to Manage Booking. Enter the last name listed on your original ticket together with your confirmation code. then hit Enter.
• You'll be taken to a separate website where you can find all the details for booking your flights.
• Choose the flight you want to cancel from the list of flights, then click the "Cancel" button on the right side of your ticket.
• If there are any cancellation fees associated with your ticket, pay them.
• If your ticket qualifies for a refund, you'll see a button that says "Request Refund." That'll finish it.

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