How can I change my flight ticket date at Emirates Airlines?

Let's say you have a flight reservation with Emirates Airlines, but an emergency requires you to change it. How can I modify the date on my Emirates Airlines flight ticket? is answered in the section below.
The basic methods to changing the date on an Emirates Airlines airline ticket are as follows:

• If you purchased your tickets from Emirates Airlines' official website, you can make changes there as well.
• You will see a tab labelled "manage my booking" on the front page. Just click it.
• You will be required to provide the passenger's name and the ticket number after clicking that.
• Your registered phone number will receive a text message with the initiator and confirmation of the ticket change.
• The booking name and confirmation code must be accurate and readily available.
• Your booking details will be available on a new page that will appear. From the list of your reservations, choose the flight you want to alter.
• In accordance with your travel needs, click the "Change Flight" link and choose a new departure date, time, or location.
• Choose a new flight from the list of available options, then click the "Confirm my selection" link to continue.

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