NYC Art Installation provides a wide choice of professional art installations in New York and New Jersey. Our professionals are ready to mount and secure your items, whether they are an Old Master, a modern print, a mirror, or something altogether new!
Why Should You Use an Art Mounting Service?
Mounting artwork is frequently difficult. The first installation might be harmful to your possessions, especially for inexperienced installers. When it comes to beautifying your environment, we make it a point that the ultimate product is safe and secure.

Mounting fixtures might be enormous, heavy, delicate, precious, or all of the above. Let's not forget that the nicest places to hang artwork aren't necessarily the most accessible, especially when they have to walk 25 feet up a staircase!

Fortunately, our expert art installers are skilled in handling a wide range of artworks and performing installations in a variety of settings. We can deal with any type of mount and frame and provide a complete solution for all of your art installation needs.

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