Kal Bairo
It is well known that in Guyana and Trinidad that “Kal Bhairo” also known as “Dee Baba” is worshipped for the purpose of increasing wealth and success in business. The other forms of “Kal Bhairo” in both of these countries are known as “Land Master” or “Sanganee Baba” or “Bush Master” or simply “Master”. These so-called Gods are worshipped with alcohol, cigarettes, cheese, and sacrificed animals. The souls of these animals once released become spirits with unfinished karmas. However, after this “Kal Bhairo” is worshipped, this so-called deity will promote great financial profits for the worshipper. As a result, you will find that many people who worship “Kal Bhairo” tend to acquire a lot of material wealth. But before we proceed let’s take a look at the conversation between Lord Jesus Christ and Satan (Kal Bhairo).

If you compare a “Kal Bhairo” picture and a “Kal Bhairo” worshipper to an alcoholic and to Lucifer (Satan), they all have some common qualities. All of them have red eyes, dark skin, and a thirst for alcohol and meat. In the Holy Bible, it is documented that Satan met Christ and proceeded to tempt Him at least three times. In the first temptation of christ, satan took christ to a high mountain and showed him the whole world and its material wealth, and said to christ, “bow before me, and all of this on earth will be yours”. Christ replied, “man does not live by bread (wealth) only but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth (mantra)”.

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