Rocks Player is a HD video player that is built with a variety of features including, Online and offline subtitles, Floating video player, video downloader, status saver and much more. Now we talk about online and offline subtitles you can also search subtitles for your videos or movies. You can watch your videos or movies in pop up window or in background. So you can watch videos while you are doing another work or you can use another apps while you are watching videos on this app.

Rocksplayer is built with HD Video and Music player that lets you listen to your favorite music with no hassle. With ROCKSPLAYER, you can listen to a calm sleep playlist so that MUSIC can help you to provide better sleep after a full hectic day. It is another feature of Rocks Player app Which is music player. It is also helps you to listen music both online and offline of you favourite artist.

Rocks Player have many other features such as video downloader app, private folder feature, gallery feature, etc. As we discuss it already but these features make it all in one app it helps you to save storage and get rid of all the problems to download many apps. It solves all the problems and it is easy to download and free to use. It is available on playstore. So you can download it easily and start enjoying its features such as HD video player, Music Player app, video downloader app, gallery feature, online and offline subtitles and others.

To make your video experience better with prime features, INSTALL ROCKS VIDEO PLAYER Now-

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