Where to Find Classic Car Parts – Are They Still Available?

It’s quite clear from the section above that classic car parts are indeed still available and can be had as NOS, OEM, replica, or remanufactured car parts. And we’d like to add – used auto parts from retired cars. But there are ways and places to find them, and that’s what this article is all about. So let’s start shortlisting your hunting grounds. eBay – we’ve included eBay on our list not because we recommend it but because it is one of the first places sellers would likely use. It is well known for dirt-cheap deals but notorious for scams.

Carpart.com.au – there are two ways to search auto parts on our website. You may search the listings or request the auto part via our Car Part Finder. What you do is provide details about the classic car part you need by filling out an online form, which you then send (just press ‘send’) to us. Our system automatically forwards this to over 500 sellers and wreckers in our network, practically multiplying a single form into hundreds of car part queries. With Carpart.com.au, searching for parts and car professionals has become so much easier because it's a place where buyers, sellers, service providers, and car owners come together. Be a part of the Carpart community to start using its many features! Sign up now; it's free!

For more info please visit: https://carpart.com.au/blog/can-you-still-get-classic-car-parts-in-australia

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