How to cure squint.
Our eyes are moved by six muscles called ocular muscles. Two muscles move the eye up and down, two more move the eye left and right, and two more move the eye rotate. When eye muscles are working properly, our eyes can keep a single point of focus. However, when ocular muscle activity is impaired, the eyes do not move together. The medical term for this is strabismus or squint. It is possible for the squint (Misalignment) to be horizontal, divergent (outward), or convergent (inward) (Up or Down). Brain disorders can occasionally cause squinting. Binocular vision is also affected by squinting, which makes it difficult for someone to comprehend the stereopsis, or depth or distance, of an object.
Causes of Strabismus or Eye Squinting
Types of Squint:
• A condition that a person is born with is referred to be innate. premature infants who have an eye tumour or retinal damage.
• Hereditary: When a disorder, such as Down syndrome, is connected to or associated with a certain gene.
• Six ocular muscles have problems being regulated and functioning properly, which leads to squinting. This illness could be brought on by any form of issue with the nerves and brain areas that control the extra ocular muscles.
• Several eye conditions, including myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism. Brain tumours, hydrocephalus, and cerebral palsy are a few more diseases that might contribute to squinting (fluid in the brain).
• Squinting can be a symptom of some viral diseases, such as measles.

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