FAQs you need to know when interviewing for an iOS job.

What is the difference between "app ID" & "bundle ID"? Explain why we use them. A two-part string called an App ID is used to identify one or more applications from the same development team. The string has two parts: a Team ID and a bundle ID search string, with a period (.) separating them. Apple provides the Team ID, which is specific to a single development team. In contrast, the developer provides the bundle ID search string, which can match either the bundle ID of a single application or a set of bundle IDs for a collection of apps. Each app's bundle ID is unique and is specified in Xcode. There are numerous targets that an Xcode project can have, and as a result, many different apps can be produced. An app with both lite/free and pro/full versions, or one with multiple branding options, is a common use case.

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