What is an Internship?

Let us first get the meaning of "internship" clear. A temporary internship position is typically only available to college students and recent graduates. These college students and recent graduates are termed interns when get selected. An intern frequently works for base pay or academic credit. Furthermore, internships allow students to learn about the company's culture and daily operations. The length of an internship can range from a few months to a full year. If you fall into the group of students still sitting on the fence regarding their career path, do not worry! Students who are still trying to decide on a career path can also benefit from internships. They can take their time to decide whether a career is right for them by working in a field for a short period of time.

Article link - https://www.relinns.com/blog/easy-guide-to-internships-for-engineering-students-in-mohali/

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