Do you have fungus in and around your nails? You are not alone. Most of us take our health for granted until something goes wrong and suddenly we have to start looking for a solution. For example, if your nails are black recently, you may not notice it and not worry about what is happening. After a little research, you may find that it is caused by a nail fungus called onychomycosis. This fungal infection is quite embarrassing and painful if left untreated.
The good news is that you can treat this infection with the right supplements. One such supplement is Fungus Elixir, which claims to eliminate nail infections and revitalize nail health. But should you trust this drug? If so, how long will it take to resolve this issue? That is what we will explore today. Read on to learn more about Mushroom Elixir and whether it could be the answer to your prayers!
What is mushroom elixir?
Fungal nail infections, also called onychomycosis, are caused by dermatophytes that invade the nail bed. These fungi thrive in warm, moist environments, so they often affect the feet. The most common symptom of a fungal infection is a yellow or brown nail color. The nail may also become thicker, crumbling or ragged. If the disease is not treated, it can spread to other nails and skin

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