Since the earbuds and external ear hooks are made of silica gel, it will be very comfortable to wear when referees are officiating the soccer game. Normally, people will feel uncomfortable if they wear in-ear headphones for a long time. But for the referees, the timespan of a football match is just 90 minutes, together with the 15 minutes halftime. Referees can take off their headphones during halftime. Therefore, there won’t be any uncomfortable for referees to wear in-ear headphones when they are officiating the game.

Compare with the hang-style earhooks which hang the headphone to the ear, the in-ear headphone is much more comfortable. The hang-style earhooks will shake when referees are running on the field. The plastic-made earhooks will rub the skin of the ear when it shakes, making it uncomfortable for the referee to use it.

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