Integrating ESG into decision making and business strategies contributes to an effective due diligence and a better investment decision for the company as well as relevant stakeholders. The companies which are on focus haven’t disclosed any non-financial performance data or sustainability data. The food trucks market can attract investment from an ESG perspective by ensuring to reduce negative impacts stemming from their activities affecting the E (Environmental) and S (Social) aspects of ESG. However, the given sector has grown and became a staple source of food for youth (16-34 years old) and does have both environmental and social impact.

Why is it important to have ESG?

The abbreviation ESG stands for environmental, social and corporate governance. It is a measurement that takes into account a company's social and environmental impact on the global community. It brings awareness to the different climate issues that are occurring and encourages businesses to adopt practices and policies that are better for the environment. ESG not only helps businesses by attracting a more diverse workforce to bring in new ideas, but it also helps businesses have a greater positive impact on our world.

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