How to speak to real live person on LATAM?

Is it safe to say that you are an unfamiliar voyager who have first time venture or avoiding air terminal which unfit you to arrive at LATAM delegate and a few questions which you have are stay unanswered and feel a little uncertain as a main priority in regards to On the off chance that I tainted with Coronavirus before Will LATAM Carrier requested that I transfer my movement history record to travel European destination?,Some how I making an excursion trip with senior resident and because of wellbeing related issue of Hypertension I Have not Immunized with sponsor portion Will Aircrafts license us to travel?,If at LATAM Trip before a day of excursion I got off-base name or mis-place name schedule issue So to whom I have to contact for it? furthermore, searching for how do I speak to someone at LATAM? so don't bother stressing follow beneath system to get all help from authorities for all questions.

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