A 100% Natural herbal product made from the concentrated sap of a tree which derives from Asia and Jamaica. The natural properties make this Authentic product much more Powerful, Efficient and Reliable than any other kind of product claiming to eliminate Premature Ejaculation, or even promising Incredible Erections. The Jamaican Stone is for external uses only and is applied directly to the penis. The Jamaican Stone effects work immediately. Indeed, just wait 15 minutes after application to feel a warm sensation before rinsing then you are ready to go.

If you need to increase your bed performance from a few minutes to several hours, you will surely benefit from using the Jamaican Stone. Its effective results of providing a power prolonged erection will ensure maximum pleasure. Sexual Enhancers are now very common! However, the Jamaican Stone works differently from other products like Viagra and is a strong enhancer which is made from a 100% Natural Ingredient. The great thing about this product is that it is externally used and has no known side effects.


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Sarawak, Malaysia

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