​​Top 10 Trading Apps in India

The investment world includes a pool of trends, techniques, and volatility. As such, both seasoned investors and beginners require intensive knowledge to enhance their portfolios with growth.

While the market can be complex, investors and traders can benefit when conducted with the best stock market apps. These applications provide users with the ability to improve their portfolio under a single platform and access market inputs in real-time. With an array of features, charts, and infographics, these applications instil confidence, making your journey seamless and beneficial.

Let’s begin to understand some of the best trading apps and their unique offerings.

Top trading apps in India


Zerodha was the first deal broker in India. Later, it advanced to become the leading mobile trading platform in India. It only displays the most usable and pertinent information for you. You can select and filter out the stocks for potential investments. Thanks to their fantastic features. Analytics and charts are data-rich, which makes it easier to analyse performance and make better decisions.

Another aspect that makes Zerodha the best stock market app in India is it prioritises technology and provides enormous discounts. The vast majority of investments at Zerodha are generally brokerage-free. The fact that there are no brokerage fees for holding assets for longer than a day gets adored by customers.

Simple mobile trading applications
It gives you access to 20 market depth or level 3 data.
Indian stock market apps that are the fastest, most trustworthy, and best.
Several data-rich widgets are supported.

ICICI Direct

The most significant trading app in India is ICICI Direct, which offers a variety of features like charting and reporting, grid views, top gainers and losers, etc. They have eliminated all hassles associated with investing in current and new fund offerings (NFO). 37 AMCs have got added to their panel.

You can make an informed investing decision thanks to their recommendations and goods that het supported by research. You have the choice to trade a variety of financial instruments. Customers of ICICI Bank may be eligible for additional benefits when utilising ICICI Direct.


Many different ways to customise the market watch.
Straightforward and beneficial technical analysis.
You can add up to 50 stocks to a watchlist, but it also allows you to have numerous watchlists.

Edelweiss Broking

Edelweiss Broking Ltd. caters to more than 5 lakh clients with financial services, brokerage services, and investment advice. Due to its knowledgeable personnel, excellent machinery, customisable reports, dependable services, and numerous other features, it is the best trading app in India.

The Edelweiss mobile trading software gets widely used for trading on the stock market and in retail mutual funds.

You can create a personalised watchlist to follow 100 stocks.
All forthcoming IPOs get listed in the dedicated IPO section.
It has access to more than 23 reports, including transactions and P&L statements.


Upstox, formerly RKSV Securities is the leading discount broker in India and is backed by Ratan Tata, Upstox provides an inclusive intraday trading ability. With price notifications and various other features, Upstox users can check their performance. It also offers timely and valuable news updates pertinent to your investments.

the fastest execution of purchasing and selling.
It has outstanding accessibility and ease of use.
It gives news updates and features that transmit live data.

IIFL markets

Since 1995, India Infoline (IIFL), a well-known full-service stockbroker in India, has been providing services in the brokerage industry. Anyone interested in recommendations and research should consider IIFL.

The top online trading platform in India is the IIFL Markets app. It's a lovely stock market app that provides each user with an individualised service. Customers can get the most recent market news and essential information about their assets from IIFL "Buzz".

many helpful methods, including phone calls, intelligent chatbots, WhatsApp, etc.
It provides commodities, F&O, currencies, and trade inequalities.
Free analysis of the top 500 listed firms in BSE/NSE.

Angel Broking

Angel Broking app is one of the best trading apps in India, offering fantastic time-saving features for investors and business people. The software is filled with exceptional features, such as an excellent user interface, pre-made portfolios, and many others, that make trading on the stock market easier.

Fund transfers are free of charge.
It analyses the market using expert-conducted research.
It helps create a portfolio of tiny cases that is both affordable and of excellent quality.


Knowns as one of the best stock market apps in India, Groww does not charge a commission to utilise the service. Additionally, the commission gets invested in direct mutual funds, which do not pay commissions to brokers. The benefits include commission-free SIP (Systematic Investment Plans) and direct mutual fund investing.

encourages the purchase of gold, fixed deposits, domestic and US stocks, mutual funds, and F&Os.
It has a mutual fund calculator built in.
It will shortlist your options for stocks, mutual funds, and other assets according to category.


Customers in India who use Sharekhan receive first-rate tools and support. This trading tool offers valuable guidance for enhancing trading decisions. Customers have a selection of goods to build a diverse portfolio.

Modern charts for conducting market research.
Managers offer assistance, support, and direction.
You can make better selections with the aid of research reports.

FYRES Markets

FYERS, headquartered in Bangalore, launched a little later than other discount brokers but has one of the top mobile trading apps.

Users can trade stocks with no restrictions using this stock trading app. Some of its benefits are quick watchlist accessibility and high-level security procedures. Because of this, it gets recognised as the best trading app in India.

It provides streaming quotes, charting, and trade execution that is quick and dependable.
EOD data goes back more than 22 years.
Market analysis operating more than 60 technical indicators.

Axis Direct app

Axis Direct has more than 300,000 active clients. It allows you to trade in various financial divisions, including equity, currency trading, and IPOs, at the NSE, BSE, MSEI, and MCX-SX.
This software is created for the needs of merchants who frequently travel. Due to Axis Bank's excellent connectivity across banks and Demat accounts, consumers have an even better experience.


Users can issue voice commands and have them effectively carried out.
It can see news updates and the prices of various assets in real time.
The app gets packed with analytical and technical tools.

Therefore, choosing stock trading software requires effort to understand them as per your suitability. However, choosing the best stock market apps requires an easy-to-use interface and distinctive features. These can include historical charts, LIVE market feeds, customer service channels, and financial advice. So what's holding you back? Grab your devices and get started.


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