In the case of all works which are to be deposited in libraries, the permanently bound volumes shall bear on the spine the surname and initials of the candidate, the full or abbreviated title of the work, the name of the degree for which it was submitted and the date of submission. This information shall be printed along the spine in such a way as to be readable when the volume is lying flat with the front cover uppermost. If the work consists of more than one volume the spine shall also bear the number of each volume. Please read the interesting article at
All copies of theses/dissertations, whether for the purpose of examination or for deposit in libraries, shall be presented in permanent and legible form in typescript or print and the characters employed in the main text (but not necessarily in illustrations, maps etc) shall be not less than 12pt; characters employed in all other texts, notes, footnotes, etc, shall be not less than 10pt. Typing shall be of even quality with clear black characters, and capable of photographic reproduction. Double or one-and-a-half spacing shall be used in the main text, but single spacing shall be used in the summary and in any indented quotations and footnotes. Drawings and sketches shall be in black ink; unnecessary detail should be omitted and the scale should be such that the minimum space between lines is not less than 1mm. Colour graphics for charts, diagrams etc and colour photographs may be used, but candidates must in all cases ensure that material is capable of being photocopied and microfilmed. Copies produced by xerographic or comparable permanent processes are acceptable. A4 paper shall be used and should be of good quality and sufficient opacity for normal reading.

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