Diagrams, maps and similar documents shall be submitted in a portfolio of reasonable size and shall bear the particulars stated to be necessary for the volume.

Candidates may submit non-book material such as audio or video tapes with their thesis/dissertation, if such material forms a useful addition to, or explanation of, work contained in the written submission and if such material constitutes the most appropriate method of presenting the information concerned. Any material of this type shall be enclosed in a container which is suitable for storage on a library shelf and which bears the same information as that required on the spine of the thesis/dissertation, so placed as to be readily legible when the container is in its stored position. Candidates considering the submission of audio or video tapes as adjuncts to their thesis/dissertation should consult their supervisor and the Librarian of the University for advice at an early stage of their project. Please visit https://www.aceessays.com/what-to-read.html for more information!

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