Top 6 Alternatives to BlueJeans Video Conferencing
BlueJeans create business quality video meeting accessible, easy and cheap. With this app, users can conduct or join online meetings from any place. It is a fast and easy method to communicate with remote groups. Most of the communications can be missed while talking on a phone or while sending email, but video meetings assist you take the problem of the conversation which you may miss and link you to those you are dealing with.

Advantages of BlueJeans

BlueJeans is very easy to have and running. You can participate by app or browser on the computer, laptop or by smartphone. The interface is very intuitive and perfectly thought out. The real meeting interface is very simple, while compared to other kinds of webinar platforms but all the required functionality is there. What makes this platform highly outstanding is the ability to record the video and audio and screen sharing. Being able to view the customer’s faces and record that for future reference is very valuable. It creates it very easy to get in to any kinds of meeting you are planning to be in at the time.


Disadvantages of BlueJeans

There are some awkward bumps in the discussion because of people speaking over one another, choppy audio, echoes and frozen video. This problem may not be the mistake of webinar software solution; however it is essential to avail the tool with some training. Some people are reporting about the recorded video administration interface. It needs some clicks to receive to the video and there is no actual best preview choices. It does not deal differences in qualify of network connections gracefully. Normally it freezes the people image instead of decreasing the resolution.

Since BlueJeans has such drawbacks that may make you feel unhappy, now we will recommend you six best alternatives for BlueJeans video conferencing.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This is one of the best BlueJeans alternatives. ezTalks Cloud Meeting software helps as many as one hundred attendees to participate in a meeting without any charge. The team will show cloud conference from various terminals that allow users connect with about hundred participants, at any place and at any time freely. One of the outstanding feature of this webinar software solution is all in one video conferencing equipment combined with software, total frequency HD speaker, dual stereo microphones, 1080 cameras with hundred twenty wide angle lens. The process of installation is also very easy and people can begin a conference in few seconds without any hassle.


2. Zoom

Zoom is a web meeting and webinar platform with a well-designed types of performances. Fundamentally, the software can be availed in various situations, online demos, virtual collaboration and online trainings. At the time of meeting the presenter can determine whether they need to present the other attendees the full screen or instead only chosen applications. Moreover, they can choose control of mouse and keyboard to other attendees. This software facilitate best quality video meeting for presenter and attendees. Messaging let you to chat, invite contacts and share files to a meeting, all on the zoom customer for Mac, PC, android, iOS and blackberry. The desktop customer creates it easy for the meeting host to deal the meeting.


3. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is another good BlueJeans alternative. It offers a top-rated quality, professional service, however its big feature set and base cost create it a fair substitute for businesses with webinar requirements. This platform creates it easier to transfer several types of files and helps to share website links. Extra features are private and public chat, ability to do slides or avail a white board, audience feeling to present acceptance or request the host speak up or slow down. With application and screen sharing feature, you can check the application prior sharing it. The question and answer feature screens questions. The host will select how to answer and if he reply publicly, they will be shown. You can edit record and download the webinars for future reference or share, or you can also conduct them on the website.

adobe connect

4. Highfive

It is cloud oriented software which helps web meeting, video conferencing and screen sharing within an organization. The application is found on tablets, laptops and smartphones. The software has a video conferencing system which can be deployed in several conferencing rooms. To get the video conference, the user has to send a link to the participant through the Highfive app. Updates are done through the cloud. At the time of meeting, users can project the data and share the screen on a TV. This webinar software shortens meeting management. To do a web meeting, users want to name the meeting and send a link with attendees. Collaboration is enhanced with google calendar thanks to Hivefive’s integration.


5. Skype

Skype is necessary for online conference between Skype users, however it lacks essential features such as reliable telemeeting, application sharing. If you are searching for a cheap web conferencing software that is effective all over the platforms check out the alternatives. This software is best for one to one meeting. You can use this software for android, iOS, blackberry and window mobile. You can also make voice and video meeting from the mobile application however desktop meeting and sharing control equipment are restricted. If the meeting requirements are simple you do not require any application sharing, this software can be free substitute to other kinds of webinar solutions.


6. Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is one of the company leaders in best web meeting and arranging professional online meeting. It possesses all the specialized tools you will want to host professional online conference. The training center of Cisco WebEx lets you to make webinars focused on teaching and learning. Cisco WebEx webinar software contain extra tools to take quizzes, live polls, conduct tests and surveys, track performances. People can share any kinds of screens, apps, files and notes. It creates connecting very easy for smoother conference hence users can invite participants to join with the video system.

cisco webex


Video conferencing software lets multiple users to participate in a video stream. The host and the attendees can share content, interact, chat simultaneously. Now you have seen top 6 different BlueJeans alternatives for online conferencing. Read the review carefully, compare them separately and choose the best one for your online meeting.

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