Video conferencing make foreign trade industry speed up
Since China’s reform and opening up, the domestic foreign trade enterprises continue to increase, has occupied a very large proportion of all industries. Foreign trade as the name suggests is for overseas trade, so with foreign communication has become very critical, as a representative of the new communication model tool – video conferencing systems, foreign trade enterprises have been used for quite a long time.

Large-scale foreign trade enterprises because of the strength of capital and technology, so the earlier use of expensive hardware video conferencing to improve communication efficiency, and small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises because of financial and technical reasons can not use video conferencing such advanced audio and video communication tools , Until the ezTalks as the representative of the cloud conference system was born, small and medium enterprises were able to use video conferencing to improve work efficiency, reduce travel costs, expand overseas business. With the global economic downturn, the previous has been playing high-profile hardware video conferencing has gradually been abandoned by those large foreign trade enterprises, and abandoned the reason most of the price is too expensive, cumbersome and cumbersome, limited functionality and so on.

With the cloud conference more and more favored by enterprises to ezTalks, for example, in the application of foreign trade enterprises are more and more widely:

Off-site staff recruitment
Foreign trade enterprises in order to facilitate the expansion of overseas business, usually in foreign business places to set up offices or branch offices. And these branches of the staff recruitment can be remote interviews through ezTalks, 1080P HD picture quality with lip sync sound transmission, can be matched with the face-to-face recruitment comparable, after the interview can also be set by electronic voting function Some examination questions to determine whether to apply.

Work in different places
Foreign trade enterprises overseas offices are generally equipped with no headquarters so far, when the sales office in the business negotiations may need technical support and some other functional departments of staff support, this time through ezTalks in the tripartite between the three Meeting rooms, and work together to solve the customer’s various technical and non-technical issues.

Off – site investment financing
This has been a difficult problem for foreign trade, in the face of some overseas investment institutions, to the field communication often can not be frequent and timely, ezTalks cloud meeting can provide anytime, anywhere exchange conditions, so that financing negotiations more efficient.

Off-site business development
Foreign trade enterprises in the development of new business areas, the inevitable need to communicate with the local potential customer base sales. Only need to give potential customers an account password, business sales staff can ezTalks product marketing, product demonstrations, business negotiations and other sales work, remote development of remote customer groups.

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