Pros and Cons of Telecommuting from the Perspective of Employers
Telecommuting is really a flexible and alternative job arrangement that enables employees to freely work outdoors office (usually at home) and bear out job functions remotely by utilizing videoconferencing technology. It is also simple to be performed that the computer with webcam, network and videoconferencing software making certain effective communication between employers and workers are all that you should start telecommuting.


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Popular and convenient as telecommuting is, additionally, it has negative effects too. Before adopting telecommuting inside your company, you’d better take all potential side effects into account. Hence, I’m introducing both pros and cons that telecommuting gives employers within the following 2 parts.

Part 1: What Benefits can Employers Receive from Telecommuting

1) Greater productivity

Telecommuting enables employees to operate outdoors of the traditional working hrs with less interruptions and provides them versatility to schedule working hrs, which leads to greater productivity. Also, there’re studies showing that telecommuters work typically four to six hrs more than their office counterparts.

2) Lower cost

Telecommuting decreases costly overhead, for example work place, office supplies online, business furniture, lights as well as heat which brings cost savings. Additionally, it reduces travel cost. With plenty of benefits, a lot of companies are actually supporting their workers to operate online at home remotely.

3) Worker satisfaction

Employees get more happy because they finish work in their own individual comfortable space, convey more versatility and feel greater link with family. The more happy worker become, the not as likely they might quit jobs. Telecommuting accumulates more saving for employers inside a lengthy run.

4) Ecological friendly

With increased employees working online at home, it cuts down on negative affect on atmosphere since fuel consumptions, green house gases and traffic accidents are dramatically reduced.

5) Time saving

Telecommuting is dependant on advanced interactive video technology, i.e. EZTalks. You can just attend board conferences and interviews online while sitting in your own home.

Part 2: What may Employers Are afflicted by Telecommuting

1) Startup cost for supplying technology support to telecommuter

Even though it saves companies great overhead expenses, you've still got to invest much cash on building appropriate interactive video system for telecommuting.

2) Insufficient physical presence

The lack of physical presence and social interaction with employees can disconnect all of them with one another. Generally, the manager must completely trust his team. However, insufficient face-to-face interactions and guidelines can lead to poor work.

3) Security risk

Remote access for telecommuting with staff increases the chance of security leaks from the company’s private information. To prevent security issues, you have to enter protocol into position with no gaps within the home security system increase password frequently during training or any other programs on remote access.

Note: Be assured to make use of EZTalks, cloud-based interactive video system, which means to talk with colleagues inside a guaranteed way.

4) Hard to monitor

Though interactive video technology provides effective and timely communication between employees and employers, it’s still not too simple for employers to judge just how much work employees did. Say when the workers are not motivated, a serious problem may arise with great reduction in productivity and occasional quality work.

5) Lost chance for team development

Probably the most important required employer would be to develop a good team. However, working at home eliminates the connecting time between employers and employees and face-to-face support and encouragement to workers are irreplaceable.

Is telecommuting business a solution you're looking for? Apart from above-pointed out benefits and drawbacks, you have to think about the mission, values, vision, culture of the company, your working environment, your recruitment, productivity, retention goal and customer support too!

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