Top 10 Video Chat Apps for Android
Video conferencing is becoming more and more popular. See the best video calling apps for Android and start talking with your friends on the front of your smartphone.

There are loads of mobile apps in the market that allow users to make video calls and even video conferencing with multiple people at the same time. The problem is how to choose the best suitable application for yourself.

When choosing a video chat application, you have to look not only for the capabilities of the application, but also for its popularity. This is quite important. What about the fact that we find a great video chat application, as the end of it turns out that no one is using it? The main problem is that both parties have to use the same app, so choose one that is popular – it will make it easier to add friends in the future.

ezTalks Meetings
ezTalks Meetings is one of the best video chat app that give you the platform to have direct communication with your partners, family or colleagues. If you want to have collaboration with someone else, then you can use this video chat software for that with ease. And if you want to connect with more people or you want to host a large meeting, then also ezTalks Meetings is the best tool for that. This video chat app can allow you to meet with up to 100 participants in a meeting for free paired with various features including screen sharing, whiteboard, group or private chat and recording. So, if you are looking for free video call app, then you can simply choose this and you can have outstanding effect easily.

You may like Microsoft or not, but one thing you have to give – Skype is definitely one of the most popular video chat applications on Android. Because Skype is equally popular on desktops, you do not have to worry about the user base. It is very likely that after registering you will find your friends without problems and add them to your contact list.

The advantage of Skype is its availability on many platforms – apart from Android, it is available on iOS (iPhone / iPad) devices, as well as on Windows or Linux computers. Calls can be made between different platforms, so as an Android user you can talk to people who use Skype even on an iPhone or a Linux computer.

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger in Poland is a very popular application. While still being seen as a tool for teens or younger users, it is increasingly possible to see how it can be used in business field.

Many Messenger people associate with the Facebook chat program. It’s worth knowing, however, that Facebook has introduced video calling to your messenger, and just touch the camera icon on the conversation screen to “call” a friend. You can also conduct video calls with multiple people simultaneously, and start a call in a group chat.

The reason why it is important to seriously consider Facebook Messenger in the context of a video messenger is the fact that I am referring to it. When choosing any video chat app you always have to consider how many people use it, since the last thing you want to do is ask your friends to install an app. Today Facebook has almost everyone, so after installing Messenger you have a contact list of all your friends right away and you can immediately talk to them – also using the front camera.

Google Hangouts
There was Microsoft, it was Facebook, so it’s time for Google. Here are two apps available, but first we’ll take a look at the first one, Hangouts. Initially, Hangouts was part of the Google+ platform, but later evolved into a separate project. At the moment, it’s just a cross-platform instant video chat app that uses a Google account to run text chat and video and voice calls.

Plus, Hangouts is that we use Google Accounts to sign in. Many people have a Google account, so if you want to start talking to someone, just type in their email address. Hangouts are available on your computer in a web browser (without installing anything), as well as on Android smartphones and iOS devices. It’s also worth mentioning that Hangouts is pre-installed on many Android phones, so even if your friends are unaware of it, the Google app is already in their phones and you just have to start it.

Google Duo
Hangouts are more focused on group conversations, although there is nothing to prevent one-to-one conversations. However, Google decided to release more communicators – Allo and Duo. Allo serves as a text chat, while the Duo is dedicated to video chatting.

Duo does not have the ability to video chat with more than one person at the same time, so if you need a video chat app with multiple people at the same time, it’s better to take advantage of previous solutions. The Duo is set to be an incredibly simple tool for mere “ringing” a friend and making a video call with him.

The application interface is quite simple, and as a unique feature it is worth highlighting the function of previewing who is calling us. It works very simply – the person who starts the video chat immediately shares the image from his or her front camera. The second person sees the caller before he decides to answer the call. Only after the acceptance of the call, the camera image is sent on both sides.

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