(Thirty-eight) to promote political and technical separation, management separation. In response to the requirements of China's national conditions and the times, China should build a modern school system that runs schools according to law, independently manage, supervise, and participate in the society and establish a new type of relationship between the government, schools and associations. Adapt to the requirements of the reform of the state administrative system, make clear the authority and responsibility of government administration, and clarify the rights and responsibilities for running schools of all kinds and levels at all levels. Explore the school management system and school-running model that adapt to the growth of different types of education and talents, and avoid the one-thousand-school side. Improve the school goal management and performance management mechanism. We will improve the open system of school affairs and accept the supervision of faculty members, staff members and associations. With the promotion of the reform of the classification of state institutions, we have explored the establishment of management systems and supporting policies that are in line with the characteristics of schools, overcoming the tendency of administrativeization and canceling the existing administrative levels and administrative management models. https://www.journalfirst.org/the-new-enterprise-system-with-the-main-contents-include.html

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