Is Your Pet Overweight?

Not only is obesity a huge problem with people, but it is now also a huge problem with our pets, with one in three of our cats and dogs now being overweight. Overfeeding our furry family members is often done by accident and is a result of our love for them. None of us can resist those adorable, big, sad eyes that look up at us from under the kitchen table. We only want to make our pets happy, but sometimes this can be causing them more harm than good.

Whether your pet is already a little on the podgy side, or you are worried that your pet is starting to put on a little extra weight, there are, luckily, many ways of helping to control the situation, such as using small portions and an automatic feeder. Here are our top tips for helping to keep your pet at a happy and healthy weight.

Feed your pet small meals
Just like with people, it can help to feed your pet small meals. This means that they use the energy up before the next meal, instead of having excess calories which then turn into fat in the body. It is best to slowly reduce the amount that your pet is consuming. Consider reducing it by about 5% every couple of weeks. Then keep gradually reducing your pet's food until they begin to lose weight, and then keeping to that amount. Doing this slowly will ensure they lose weight over time, instead of too quickly, which could then result in them putting it back on just as fast.

Feed your pet often
As well as feeding your pets smaller meals, as they still need to get their required amount of food per day, you should feed them often. Little and often is the idea to keep in mind. This will prevent your pet from feeling too hungry, and therefore a bit sorry for themselves. This can be hard if you are out at work during the day, but with an automatic feeder, this problem can be easily solved. You can set it up to release up to six meals during the day, and control the exact amount that you pets are being fed at each meal time. You can even have a little chat with them to encourage them with their new daily feeding routine.

Try to prevent your pet from being able to eat other pet's food
It can be very tricky to control the amount of food your pet is eating if you also have other animals in the house, especially if you are out all day and leave food out for them. In some cases, there may be only one hungry pet getting all the food, while your others watch on as it gets gobbled up, and they're left hungry for the rest of the day. With an automatic feeder pet feeder, you can help to control this, and ensure that each pet is getting their own portion of food. You can even use the camera to check in with your pets on their new diet.

Make your dog's weight loss programme a family project
Get the whole family involved in the project! You could create a little pet log or calendar, and write down everything that he eats. This is great for checking to see if your pet is getting any sneaky treats throughout the day from other members of the family. It is great if your loveable friend is happily eating his regular, small meals, but it, unfortunately, will not make much of a difference if he is also being fed leftover toast every morning at the breakfast table. There might still be a member of the family who can't resist those big eyes.

Weight your pet
It is also important to weigh your pet regularly so that you can clearly see the progress that is being made! This means you can keep an exact account of how your pet's weight is changing, and it will also help encourage you and your family, as you will be able to see the results. This information could also be written in your pets log or calendar. Make sure to check with your vet what your pet's ideal weight should be though, as all breeds have different optimum weights, and you do not want to end up with your dog being underweight.


It is important to not only look after our own weight but also our pets, to ensure that we are all as healthy as possible. This can help prevent against many conditions, such as heart disease, in our beloved pets. To help with diet control we highly recommend the WOPET Automatic Feeder for Dogs and Cats. This feeder allows you to feed your pet up to six times a day, and you can control the exact amount that your pet is being fed at each time. You can either pre-set the feeding times or manually via an app on your phone. The size of this product is 9.8 x 13.7 x 15.3 inches and accepts all types of dry food. This product means you can ensure your pet is eating the right food for them, and at the right time! You can even watch them from the camera to ensure that they are happily eating their food while you are out and about.

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