How to Modify Read Only Files or Folders
If you wish to remove and change or modify the read-only permissions on a file or folder in Windows, then you have to do a two-stage process. It might look a bit complicated to you, but if you follow the guide correctly, then you will be able to change the read-only permissions. The two-stage process includes the ownership of files or folders and then proceed to change the permissions of these read-only files or folder.

Turn on your computer and access it with an admin account.
Press Windows Key + E combination to open the File Explorer program.
Find and click the folder you want to modify or change.
Go to the top of the File Explorer window.
Select the Share button and go to the Advanced Security tab.
Make sure that your name is not appearing in the Owner section.
If you can see the name, then skip to Change Permissions section.
If you cannot see the name, then click Change.
Select User or Group box will appear. Click Advanced in the box.
Click Find Now button from the right side of the box.
Select your name and click Ok.
Again click the Ok button.
Now, check if the name is currently appearing in the Owner section.
When taking the ownership, check to Replace owner on subcontainers and objects option.
Click the Apply button and proceed to click the Ok button.
Now you have successfully taken the ownership of the file or the folder.
Open the File Explorer and select the file or folder you want to change.
Go to the top of the File Explorer and find Share tab.
Now, click the Share tab.
Click the Advanced Security option.
Go to Permission Entries section and click the Add button.
Move to the bottom left corner of the dialog box and click the Advanced button.
Navigate and click Find Now button.
Find and click the username from search results.
Click the Ok button twice.
Navigate to Basic Permission section and find Full Control.
Now select the Full Control check box and click Ok.
Go to the Principal column and ensure the username is appearing right next to Allow.
Click Ok and finish the modification or changing the permission of files or folders.
Changing or modifying the files or folder in Windows is very complicated, but this procedure is a bit time-consuming. Still, you can now modify the read-only files or folders anytime you want to as you know the methods and steps.

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