Microsoft Whiteboard Comes Loaded With Additional Features
Microsoft’s app, Whiteboard acts as a digital canvas where users can pen down their ideas, thoughts and creations. Given the collaborative nature of the app, users can also share their projects and work on them together even from remote locations. The intelligent inking offers a result quite similar to working on a physical canvas without putting any undue stress on the eyes.

The app has been gaining quite an impressive following due to the new and updated features that keep getting added to the software. In light of the same, Microsoft has rolled out more features that enhance the utility of Whiteboard. The latest update, which is available on iOS and Windows 10, comes with new pen colors, different pen thickness, varied settings, multiple background colors, and the functionality to add text using a keyboard. The last feature is something worth rejoicing considering that users had been demanding the same since a while.

The latest version of Whiteboard sports 10 additional pen colors and 3 different pen thicknesses. Using these additions, you can add more depth and detail to your projects. The new background colors will allow you to users to choose from vibrant offerings that will make their creation pop out from the board. The black background (dark mode), which had been widely requested due to its ability to reduce eye strain, is also making its debut on the app.

In addition to the background colors, there are 8 types of grid lines currently available and they can easily be added for intricate and precision inclusions to your project. You may access the grid lines and the background colors from the settings present on your working board.

Users no longer have to struggle with the mouse or touchscreen to input textual matter. Keyboard compatibility will allow users to effortlessly insert text in their projects.

Just a month ago, Microsoft had released the Whiteboard for EDU version, which was targeted at classrooms and educational purposes. The same edition is also being launched for iPads, which will offer the app a wider user base.

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