Using iCloud for Continuity While Restoring from an iPhone Backup
While shifting from one iPhone to another, you can use iCloud’s continuity. If the new iPhone has been set up and is signed into iCloud using the same Apple ID as the older device, then there will be no loss while syncing with iCloud.

However, users must be careful about the data that is stored on the old device but isn’t backed up in the iCloud. They must back up all the data on the cloud.

All the pictures and videos in iCloud Photos get synchronised via iCloud across all Apple devices signed into the same Apple ID. If the automatic syncing mode is disabled, then the target iPhone on which you have taken or stored any pictures or other media that hasn’t been shifted to iPhoto shall have all the non-backed up files removed when the user restores from a different iPhone.

Let’s check out the stepwise process:

Check whether the iOS device is updated with iCloud.
Go to Settings.
Tap on Apple ID at the top.
Select iCloud.
Tap on iCloud Backup.
Choose Back Up Now
Now, move to the destination iPhone.
Go through all the apps.
Make sure to create a back up of all the app data that is not synchronised through any account or iCloud.
Download or transfer all the data that is not backed up.
Now, you just have to restore from the iCloud backup.
Go to Settings.
Click on the account name.
Select iCloud.
Tap on Manage Storage.
Select the source iPhone to check the late of the most recent backup.
After restoring from the iPhone backup, all the files used for syncing will be downloaded.
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