Everyone wishes for beautiful nails that might be you as well. So, to take care of your nail health, you always end up searching salon. Am I right? Well, Izydaisy helps you finding the right manicure and pedicure salons in India.
Consider Following Things When Visiting A Nail Spa In India
1. Most of the salon follows strict guidelines and cleanliness so you need to be aware of the following things:
· Check whether your nail technician is experienced or have a license?
· Is the salon clean?
· Does the nail expert wash her hands between customers?
· Check whether the tools are clean or not?
· Moreover, do not hesitate to ask how they clean their tools.
2. Before getting to the manicure or pedicure salons in India, conform that baths and filters are clean to avoid infection. If they are dirty then it can be shelter to bacteria and fungus. And if you find a salon dirty, choose another salon.
3. Wax your lower legs after getting a manicure. This means if you are planning to find pedicure salons in India, avoid waxing your lower legs at least one day before.
4. If you are looking to decorate your nails with bright red or orange polish, ask a nail expert to apply an extra layer of base coat to help prevent discoloration.
5. Some people believe applying nail gel in India makes them strong but there is no scientific evidence. It increases nail stiffness and may make nails break more frequently.
6. Artificial nails make the situation worse so do not wear them to cover nail problems. It is not recommendable for people who are liable to fungal infections or have fragile nails. People with healthy nails also need to avoid wearing continuously.
7. If you are used to getting frequent pedicures and manicures, take your tools to the salon.

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