Download Alexa App and Alexa Setup with Amazon Echo Dot

As we know Amazon Alexa app is needed to use Amazon echo dot. So, first, download Alexa app in your system from Google play store or After that, to use the Alexa app do

Alexa login. Now Connect Alexa to wifi and add your information in it. Choose your Amazon echo device from the list of echo devices.

Use the Alexa app for echo devices because, without the Alexa app, you will not able to use Amazon Echo devices. Here, are the few steps for Alexa setup and echo dot setup. But first, you need to know about the echo app, Alexa privacy, and Alexa commands.

You can find the Alexa app for Android, MAC, iOS, tablet, etc. You just need to know some guides for the echo setup. Now, give the command to Alexa by your voice for lock doors, find TV shows, turn on lights, etc.

If you listen to a song so say Alexa to play that song for you. Alexa is enabled with Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and many more. Alexa dot app can also play radio stations, news briefs, Audible audiobooks, and more.

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