When cleaning secretions, you should wash your hands first and then you can use a clean cloth or a cotton ball or tissue to clean the eye area. Throw away the cotton ball or tissue after using it; If you use a cloth, it should be washed with hot water and detergent. Wash your hands again with soap and warm water once finished. Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes. Do not use the same bottle or container of infected eye drops as for healthy ones, even if it is from the same person. Wash pillowcases, sheets, cloths and towels in hot water and detergent; After touching these items you should wash your hands. Avoid sharing items such as towels, sheets and pillowcases. Do not share eye makeup, face, cosmetic brushes, contact lenses and containers, or glasses. Do not go to sports centers or get into the pool. WHAT IS THE PROGNOSIS OF THIS DISEASE? The prognosis of conjunctivitis is usually good. Almost all patients are cured within a month after the onset of symptoms, when proper treatment is performed. However, there are ocular complications derived from the infection, or from the eye drops used, such as corneal infiltrates or allergic reactions. Such complications, if any, should be diagnosed and treated by your ophthalmologist. HOW CAN I PREVENT INFECTION? If you are near a person with infectious conjunctivitis (viral or bacterial), you can reduce your risk of infection by following these steps: Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water.


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