I am a trained Yoga teacher, naturopath, and wellness consultant and have worked all around the world in various capacities, the last 5 years of which in Wellness and Spa. Today, I look after the day to day running of the Ano Thai Spa. I am passionate about holistic health and wellbeing and love my work. I have opened a Spa In Rajkot where the de-stressing effects of treatments can be seen immediately afterward on the relaxed faces of the guests.

I have always had a passion for wellness and wanting to pursue my passion, re-trained in health, and eventually qualifying as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist. This led to me running my own Spa In Rajkot providing wellness coaching, nutritional advice, and herbal remedies, alongside therapies such as yoga, massage, reiki, and ear acupuncture.

I also run workshops on health and massage and promoting my workshops as well as a spa at a Spa In Rajkot portal. It was through my background in wellness that I transitioned into the spa industry. I love helping people so through being involved in wellness as well as the guest service aspect and combining this with leading, coaching, and motivating a team, I become an ideal outlet for my skills and interests.

I have played different roles in the industry during my career. Working as a freelancer in Rajkot, I then had a chance to go to Thailand as a visiting wellness consultant and loved the experience of working with many guests on a wellness journey and helping guide them through that.

Through that experience, I then took my work to Dubai where I worked as a resident Naturopath for 3 years. During this period, I took the responsibilities of managing two beautiful spas and came to Rajkot a year ago to manage a city spa at the prestigious Ano Thai Spa.

Retraining as Naturopath took 5 years of study while I worked full time to pay for the course and support myself. It was a very intense time but one which I am very grateful and proud I have achieved and completed as through that. Now, I love to work in the spa and wellness industry and I absolutely love it.

I regularly promote my services on Spa In Rajkot portal to attract customers and seeing people feeling better after their treatments, coming into the spa stressed and flustered and leaving after their treatments looking blissful. This is the best part of working in the spa and wellness industry.

Despite long hours and stress, the passionate people around me motivates me every day and have always encouraged me to stay well. If you are also thinking of starting out in the spa and wellness industry, I would like to give you one piece of advice.

Be open, kind, caring, and let the way you protect yourself, give hospitality to the guest, do your treatments, convey a deep caring and sincere wish for them to have a wonderful experience in the spa. See, running a spa is business and operational concerns will dominate many of our days. But, success depends on our team making deeper connections with clients and creating an environment that encourages the freedom and creativity to accomplish while still maintaining professionalism and consistency is a constant balancing act.


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