Jagaha Provides Free Signage!
Raising the bar for all other real estate websites, Jagaha has taken it a notch higher with the free signage program. What is this you ask? It’s a large size poster/signage plastered to the facade of your property to help you get maximum visibility for your office space in Mumbai.
Over the last two decades after the age of the internet took off, it has become increasingly common for people to focus more on online marketing to effectively market something because lets face it, that is where all the eyes are. But because of the competition online, it can also get clouded by a lot of noise. This is where the good old technique of marketing offline can also work wonders for visibility, and is all the more helpful if location is a deciding factor for marketing your product.

In case of commercial properties, signages are a brilliant way to get the word out there that this property is available and Jagaha helps you with that for free!

Not only does Jagaha have excellent visibility online while ranking in top five for most of commercial property keyword searches on google, but Jagaha also helps you market your property offline and find your perfect tenant! You only pay a brokerage fee after the deal is closed. It’s a win-win.
The following properties have enrolled with Jagaha’s signage program and are attracting inquiries as we speak.
Carpet (Usable) Area: 128 Sq. Ft.
Property Type: Office Spaces
Furnished: Unfurnished
Submit an inquiry on this property page: https://jagaha.com/Property/60797_Office-Space-for-Rent-in-Chinchpokli-128-sq-ft

Office Space for Rent in Santacruz East
Carpet (Usable) Area: 1,100 Sq. Ft.
Property Type: Office Spaces
Furnished: Furnished with twenty workstations, two cabins, two conference rooms, and a pantry
Submit an inquiry on this property page: https://jagaha.com/Property/60010_Office-Space-for-Rent-in-Santacruz-East-1,100-sq-ft

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