LinkedIn is a very popular and complete B2B platform for businesses to generate quality leads. LinkedIn is the most popular site among professionals, students, and companies. To grow business in this era is most difficult it requires establishing status and engagements among the consumers. For this purpose, you need a LinkedIn account, where you can share your business products and services contain. To generate leads from LinkedIn you need to share your content with others on LinkedIn it may be in other groups. It is the best way to build business connections with other companies and their employees. LinkedIn has a massive amount of opportunities for B2B lead generating professionals to generate leads from LinkedIn and grow their business. LinkedIn has the perfect list of public profiles from which you can extract data as required.
There are many ways to extract data from LinkedIn profiles but the LinkedIn Lead extractor tool makes the leads generation process so accurate and quick. Some of the LinkedIn Lead generation tools are:

LinkedIn Lead Extractor:
It is the most recommended tool for those looking for leads in different industries. It can extract data from LinkedIn like names, emails, phone numbers, websites, messenger ids, skill, country, profile link, etc.

LinkedIn Sale Navigator Extractor:
LinkedIn sales navigator is a special tool for B2B marketers to generate sales leads. You can extract email, phone number, job title, company, website, skills from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor:
The most recommended tools for recruiting agencies and professionals to extract candidates detail from LinkedIn Recruiter. It can extract names, emails, phone numbers, social ids, job titles, skills, industry, country, etc.

LinkedIn Company Extractor:
If you want to generate B2B leads and want other company’s information then the LinkedIn Company Extractor tool is very helpful for you. By using these tools you can extracts data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter including emails, phone numbers, twitter, messenger id, job title, company and employee detailed profiles.

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