Different Devices to Share Screens
Screen sharing refers to the process enabling an individual or individual to access a particular online screen using the software. The software that allows access to the screen applies diverse approaches to permit remote screen sharing. The graphical terminal emulator is applied to enable the software to work. Screen sharing is a kind of technology for face-to-face interaction since users can see what the presenter is doing at the same time.
Recent technology has seen an increase in share screen usage as it has made the internet, computer, and other digital gadgets that support screen sharing access much easier. People can obtain computers, phones, iPad, and such-like devices easily. They are further able to access the internet at cheaper rates, thus making screen sharing more common. People who are miles away are now able to converse as if it is a face-to-face meeting; hence no need for traveling to meet people in person. The following are the common ways to share screens in a video conference:
a) Mac screen sharing
b) iPad screen sharing
c) screen sharing Windows version
d) phone screen sharing- iOS screen sharing & screen sharing app for Android
Devices to Share Screens and Respective Benefits
Screen sharing can be applied on PC, significantly benefited, Android, iOS, and many other operating systems; therefore, you don’t have to worry about your operating system. Screen sharing Mac version is designed by Apple to enable Mac users to share screens with other users, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and iPad or access other users’ screens. Screen sharing Mac has increased due to the increase in Mac computer users in the population and workforce as well, which translates to a rise in the market portion controlled by the Mac operating system. Mac computer comes with a department's screen sharing software and other features such as chat, recording, and file transfer.
The accruing benefits to screen sharing Mac include; simplicity the modern software is more comfortable to use compared to the previous versions, thus more preferable. The other significant advantage is that the user can access the screens of his other computers; therefore, no need to go after them to use them. Just like MacBook screen sharing, iPad and iOS screen sharing are more similar; they were designed by Apple to enable iPad and iOS users to share their screens and access the screens of other users using the iPad and iOS screen sharing software. The main benefit associated with IPad and iOS screen sharing is that it offers inbuilt airplay screen sharing services that are convenient and reliable, fast, and DIY linking.
Screen sharing Windows version is the most common interface among personal computers that enables mirroring services, screen sharing, for Microsoft Windows users to access screens from other users. It is more suitable as it is more user-friendly and common. Phone screen sharing refers to screen mirroring that enables phone users to access other computer or phone screens remotely. The phone screen sharing is the most common since most people possess phones, and the majority of them use phones to video-conference. It is beneficial as it is the most common and readily available means.
Screen sharing app for Android is the most common feature applied for screen sharing since the majority of phone users use Android systems; therefore, it is a readily available means. One of the other main benefits is that developing Android software for screen sharing is cheaper compared to other screen mirroring software. Screen sharing app for Android is easy enough to use as most people are familiar with it.

Which screen sharing software should you choose?
- Of course, ezTalks screen sharing software can be used on any device!
ezTalks refers to a cloud-based video and audio conferencing software. The software offers free trials to first-time clients and provides a range of services ranging from group training, user management, reporting, whiteboard, security, among others. ezTalks works on devices ranging from Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. ezTalks exactly offers numerous tools that make online meetings, webinars or other online events easier and more fun, even when you’re sharing your screen or virtual whiteboard.

a) It gives free access to easy screen sharing software setup and secured sign up/in, no matter what device you’re using.
b) It offers users the ability to share their desktop or an individual window, share a streaming video with computer audio, share files etc. and create together from scratch on a shared built-in whiteboard with their selected viewers.
c) It makes remote screen sharing possible that enables user to control one computer from another and do the screen sharing.
d) Full control with its options for muting and unmuting of viewers, recording screen sharing process and controlling the audio and video when sharing is available in order to ensure better management.

Why is it important to use screen sharing?
Screen sharing is of considerable significance to the modern world. This technology has saved individuals a lot of expenses that could have been utilized in traveling to facilitate face-to-face conferences, meetings. The technology has been of great value to the education sector since people can learn online through video conferencing with their tutors who impart skills on the by physically as it could have been in the face to face case.
Screen sharing has been applied in business to achieve tangible results where big firms that have branches all over the world, for instance, set meets with employees and leaders in respective departments through screen sharing. The communication and virtual reality industry have also benefited greatly from this technology as families and friends distance apart has been able to converse using screen sharing; thus, more effective communication compared to voice communication alone. Game players from all over the world have been able to co-host games and play against each other through screen sharing.

Screen sharing is the best technology that happened and has helped shape the world in a better way. A lot of time has been saved in this essence as video conferences can take place at the convenience of each member, at home, office, or elsewhere where the user may feel ready and okay. Screen sharing is safe as it has adequate user safety measures that restrict unwanted third party access. Why not have a try now?

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